Friday 7-17-15

3 Responses

  1. Jenn G.

    Five sets of:
    Front Squat x 2 reps

    Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes:
    Snatch x 2 reps

    C. Modified wod – hurt back
    5 rounds of
    10 reverse hypers
    5 muscle ups

    D. 10 minutes
    Assault Bike

  2. 9AM
    Abe A. 65lb all B. 205 Mod Pull-ups/ring dips
    Nina A. Great Job!!
    Nick A. 125lb all B. 4rds (315lb) Mod Pull-ups/ring dips
    Lily A. 55lb B. 145lb Mod pull-ups/ring dips Red/blue band
    Julie A. 30, 45lb B. 90lb Mod pull-ups/ring dips
    Alex A. 95lb B. 235lb Mod pull-ups/ring dips
    Cindy A. Mod Great Job!!
    Aiesha A. 65lb B. 165lb Mod pull-ups/ring dips green 5rds+1 dead
    Michelle Mod Great Job!!
    Emil A. 105lb B. Mod 135-225 deads/Muscle ups 4rds


    Mike L. A. 135, 155, 185 B. 4rds rx + 4 deadlifts @345lb
    Joe H. A. 115lb B. 6rds rx. weight/Mod pull-ups
    Ron L. A. 75, 95lb B. Mod Great Job!!
    Leslie A. 50lb B. 85-135lb pull-ups/ring dips 5rds
    Evangelina A. 55lb B. 85-120lb pull-ups/ring dips 6rds + pull-ups and dips
    Racheal A. 70lb B. 85-135lb pull-ups/ring dips 5rds + 10deadlifts
    Peggy A. 35, 45, 50 B. 75lb Mod pull-ups/ring dips green band 7rds
    Gustavo A. 135, 155, 185 B. 4rds +9deadlifts @345

    Great Job everyone!!