Friday 12-23-11

17 Responses

  1. Randi

    Gaby, you are amazing, so sweet and thoughtful… Thank you so much for the secret Santa gift… Have a merry Christmas!!!

  2. Richard Cruz

    Since the gym is closed tomorrow Im running Claremont loop in the morning. Anyone interested in going text me 909-331-5965.

  3. Secret Santa

    ABEL!!! Hope you can make it into the gym today my friend. You’ve got some perishable gifts that need to get picked up!

  4. Brittani

    Loved the work-out today!!! Did my first toe-to-bar 🙂
    THANK YOU L.C. for being an AWESOME secret Santa. Love the gifts. thanks again, Brittani and Meryy Christmas!

  5. 330

    Philip 48:13 (singles/blue/HK)
    Bryan 58:57 (singles/1pd/box)
    DAve J. 35:37 rx+ (30″/2pd)
    Matt F. 47:06 (singles)
    Craig 30:46 rx+ (30″2pd)
    nancy 27:07rx
    WEs 32:50 rx+(30″/2pd)
    Drew 52:30(singles)


    Dee 33:48rx
    Josh H. 31:44 rx+(30″,2pd)
    Richard 38:18rx
    Lo 39:08 (ghd-hspu)