Friday 12-21-12

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  1. Dan's (NOT SHELLY'S) 9am Class


    Erin 34:05rx
    Brittani 45:48 2abmat hand release pu
    Jamie 43:30rx
    Gaby 40:41rx except 2 ab mat HSPU
    Marguerite 52:00 modified
    Margie 39:53 mod.
    Matt A. 43:44 RX
    Autumn 41:54 rx
    CASEY 40:40 (45LBS/25KB/2AB MATS)

  2. Jason Alexander

    This is me signing up for the Oly tomorrow. The calendar is not working properly for me. Thanks, Jason.

  3. Dan's (NOT SHELLY'S) 9am Class

    300pm class

    Peyton 43:13 RX
    Natalie 46:09 55#, 18# kb, 2abmat hspu
    Coach Nancy 30:11rx
    Berny: 52:40RX (except 20″ box jumps & box hspu)
    Coach Mike V 29:29RX
    Craig N Super Fast!!!!!
    Brandon 41:42 RX.;/l.
    Joyce RX 39:18 (except for HSPU!! SUB #35 DB push press)
    Tyler RX 40:03