Friday 08-16-13

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  1. Coach Nick's Class

    Brittani 45# ?meters row’d
    Jamie: A-#55 B-didn’t keep track
    Lesley A: 55 B: 552m, 13 1 abmat, 29
    Linnie A: 115 B: 58M, 8HSPU, 35Burpee
    Proline A: 50# b. 504M, 19hspu 2abmat, 32bp
    Steven A: 125# B: 699m, 25hspu, 44bp
    Todd: A: 135# B: 610M, 26hspu, 36burps
    Matt W: 75# B. 625m/ 28hspu(box), 20 bp

  2. Coach Nick's Class

    Taryn A. 50# B. 545m, 30 box HSPU, 28 burpees
    Patty M. 50#, 27 box push ups, 30 burpees, 463 row

  3. Any of you fellow X Fitters got any mean Tattoo ideas. I’m thinking of going a snapshot of the flying V from the mighty ducks on my back to symbolize hard work and team work! Thoughts???