Friday 06-15-12

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  1. Nirav

    It’s a bummer i’ve got a doctors appointment from whenever I get off work to 7:30, cause I really wanted to run this 10k

  2. Divina: 10 K: 62 minutes
    Janice: 10k: 70:10
    Meagann: 57:44 10K
    Frank B: 50:50
    Paul S: 47:43 10K
    Cindy 51:31 rx (way to represent your son today, he would be proud:)
    Casey 70:01 rx!!!! Amazing job
    Janet 38:18 5K
    Marguarite 23:31 Hot Lap Pr by 8min!!!

  3. It’s funny that the same names you see here on the blog today…are the same people that are seeing RIDICULOUS gains in their performance. Good for you guys for not picking and choosing workouts and tackling the 10k today with other “die hard” CrossFitters.

    Cheers to you!

  4. 1830

    Dustin: 10K 1:07:51
    Lannette 5K 30:12
    JODIE 46:18 sorry Cindy!!!!!
    phillip 54:07 10K
    Edwin 1:02:37
    Mike B 53:30 I did my first Rx!!!
    Katie: 79:30 RX
    Sage: 80:29

    Bob K 63:38 damn that hurt!
    Cliff 65:32

  5. Divina

    Hey guys, I left my black Nike Jacket in one of the cubbies, could someone hold onto it for me or just leave it in there? Thanks! DivinaPerez