Friday 04-13-12

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  1. That’s easy!

    At CFRC while Dee was completing her 12th muscle up in a row, josh dropped his 600# deadlift and walked over with the ring in his teeth…duhhhhhhh, the picture gives it away!

  2. Mike V

    I heard Dee was sitting on the couch and from the kitchen Josh threw the ring at her and said, “you win, happy?” Dee responded, “F’en A… F’en A…”

  3. Nick C. – 17:52 Rx+ (GHD’s)
    Joe M. – 17:51 5x toes to bar 5 rounds knees to bar.
    Matt F.- 21:53 RX
    Nathan 22:22 RX
    Aimee- ?
    Casey 20:23 (high knees)

  4. 430 class

    Scott 19:04 rx
    JD 18:20 RX
    MIKE c. 17:41RX
    RON 21:41 HK
    Craig 13:45 RX
    Mike V 16:53 RX
    Kristine 21:42
    Anthony 22:25
    Ryan 23:48 HK
    Nate L: 22:52 (3rds HK-hurt-10rds GM)
    Joyce 25:00 RX
    Craig G 28:40

    Dee-20:51 RX
    maria 24:37 rx
    rachelr 24:40 knees to chest
    ALI 24:38 RX

  5. Josh H

    Alright alright, we had a HSPU competition and I was only going to propose if she beat me. So when she beat me I handed her the chalk bucket to prep for a pull up contest, then she pulled the ring out of the bucket and I said “you win, happy?!” and she responded “f’en A…..f’en A”
    True story folks….

  6. Dee

    Dans comment was pretty accurate, however he forgot a few details… Josh was doing a set of 5 and that was my 12th MU unbroken!