Friday 03-23-12

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  1. Lacey

    I left my ego at the door today and modified my HSPU in order to complete all reps within a reasonable time (like we’ve been talking about these past few weeks). It was SUCH a great training experience because doing more continuous reps burnt out my muscles out in a very different way! It was awesome. **Thanks for the articles/discussions on scaling WODs. I got to see how it works in “real life” today.

  2. Adriane Walker

    Hey Crossfot Ladies!!

    Susan Sanchez and I are having a DoTERRA Class (essential oils) this Sunday March 25th at 4pm
    If you are wondering what essential oils are, they are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, flowers and other parts of plants. They are used for medical and therapeutic benefits.
    Address: 2243 N Euclid Ave
    Upland CA 91784
    Please feel free to bring a friend
    RSVP 909-226-8373

  3. Brett

    I’m proud of you Lacey! That’s a difficult thing to do, especially when you know you can technically do something. Great job girl!

  4. Josh P.

    You did good today Lacey. I know the competitors inside of us want to push through and do everything RX, but thats when people get hurt or lose the effectiveness of the WOD.

  5. 430 class
    mike c. 12:12 rx
    nirav 13:26 box hspu
    ron 15:05 box blue knee
    Kristine 14:48 box green band
    Craig G 15:04 Mod.
    Raquel O. 15:55 box, blue
    Dustin – 18:17 12 walls, box, blue band

  6. Chris M. 17:33 (30″,blue)
    Anna P. 16:16 (20″,blue)
    Craig 7:01 rx!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing:) Glad I got to see it
    Anna Banana 14:45 (blue/red,blue)
    Nick Y. 23:24 (modified)

  7. Tom 22:15 RX
    Jonathan Martinez 20:09 (RX HSPU, PU, Blue Ring Dips)
    Bob K 22:59 (HSPU RX, PU, RDips Blue band)
    Joyce 17:30 (box)
    Josh H. – Opens WOD 12.5: 119 reps (judged by Abel)

  8. Binley

    Way to go wifey! Proud of you girl. Egos are a stubborn obstacle sometimes but you owned yours! Great job!