Friday 03-01-13

7 Responses

  1. Coach Nick's Class

    Louie- 5 rds L-Sit 20 sec
    Diana 7 rds + hand stand 30 sec
    Gaby 6rds+10 sec HS
    Phil 6 rds box

  2. Coach Nick's Class


    anna s: 6rds +20sec. handstand hold rx
    Paul: 4 rnds
    Margarita: 4 rounds
    Toni: 6rds bar hang+ hs hold
    Vince: 6rds
    Marguerite 5 rounds modified
    Taryn 4 rnds bar hang
    Margie 6 and 5 sec. shy of 7. (knee ups)
    Chris Co -6 rds modified
    Susan 6 rds + h/s + squat + 20 sec L sit mod

  3. Coach Nick's Class


    Matt. F. 6 rds + 10 squat hold
    Aaron 6 rds + 26sec L-sit
    Joyce 4 rds and 1 handstand RX
    Gina 7 rounds – 2seconds modified

  4. Coach Dave A.

    Binley 6rounds +hs holds and 20 sec sqauts Rx
    Matt K- 6+1 sec HSPU (mod l-sit)
    Chelsea: 5+20 sec HS holds, mod l-sit& bar hold
    Cecy 6+HSH, SQH (mod l-sit)s
    Brett 6 rounds 3 sec L-sit rx

    Cecy and Brett are doing 5,000 kb swings in the month of march (10,000 was just too much)- thats 227 kb swings a day, 5xs a week. Hold us accountable

  5. Coach Dave A.

    4 pm

    Berny: 5 1/2 rds (box high knee/deadhang)
    Cameron 6Rds (deadhang)
    Ari 7 rds (box L-sit, high knees)

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