Friday 02-24-12

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  1. Abel Muniz

    I’m pretty excited about this, I’m currently ranked 1,430th in the world and 6th place in Africa!

    I’m coming for ya Froning-you feeling the heat?!?!

  2. anna

    I had a really good judge yesterday! Erin counted my reps while cheering me on and holding my 6in. marker still. THANKS SO MUCH ERIN! <3

  3. JD

    A good judge will score you accurately & not be afraid to call a no rep but also cheer you on & give you that push you need when you want to quit. Also one of my favorite things to here before any workout is “I think your all going to do great” with just a little bit of sarcasm in their voice. Thanks Nancy for the coaching/ judging yesterday.

  4. 9ners:

    Tanya 16:15 rx c/o 3:44 rx
    Gaby 17:21 rx c/o 3:32 rx
    Marguarite 18:40 (1/2 wod 20#) c/o 7:13 rx
    Casey 23:37 (25#) c/o 4:14 rx
    Toni 22:07 rx c/o 4:40 rx
    Deb 27:00 (20#,box squat) c/o 7:13 rx
    Christine 25:32 (20# kb last 2 rnds) c/o 1000m row
    Brett 22:29 (sub sit ups for lunges)
    Cindy 21:55 rx c/o 3:20 rx:) Damn you can run:)

    OPens WOD for our bad ass Masters Women
    Chris 61 rx!!! c/o 4:31 rx
    Susan 63 rx!!! c/o 5:55 rx

    Now that is absolutly impressive!!! Great job ladies:)

  5. 10am

    Cheryl (you little bad ass you) 20:37 rx c/o 4:37
    Jesse 31:53rx c/o 5:48
    Jon S. 22:12rx 3:59
    Ailee 27:20rx 5:08
    Stephanie 25:55 20#, c/o 3:52

  6. 430

    MIchelle 24:38rx(did 10 extra squats each round just because!)
    Luis 20:20rx
    Brandon 19:45rx
    Amy 18:26 (20#)
    Jamie 15:40rx
    Elizabeth 23:12rx
    Jesse 22:10 (18#)
    Ana 16:19rx