Monday 12-19-11

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  1. Josh K

    To CFRC, specifically, the 9am’ers and to Shelly and Dan,

    Throughout my time CrossFitting, I have worked out at several gyms and competed in various events. I have encountered many great people and some that have left a memory I won’t be able to forget, unfortunately! I was only a member at CFRC for a short amount of time, mostly Novemeber, but I must say that I had a fantastic time while I was there! The 9am class has a great following with some of the hardest working women I’ve seen CrossFit before! I felt extremely welcomed from the first day. Good Luck to all of you in your endeavors, be it involving CrossFit or in life.

    As for the trainers, CFRC is lucky to have great people that truly CARE for their members and want them to succeed. They expect the most out of each and every member, no matter their ability, age, or experience. I was amazed with the amount of knowledge and the enthusiasm that they had at the Powerlifting class held last month. I would encourage other members to attend any of the seminars held by CFRC in the future because you will surely expand your knowledge and heck we all have weaknesses. Even Jon Pera, well maybe not him, but you know what I mean!

    As for Shelly and Dan, I can’t thank each of you enough for the small tidbits of information that each of you gave to me in my own endeavor. Opening a box is a nerve racking experience, but you provided me with lots of ideas that I will be taking with me. I know that gaining one’s TRUST in this business is difficult, but hopefully I have earned some with you both. You guys run a top-notch operation and I can only hope that one day, I will be as successful as you.

    Once again, thanks for everything!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hey guys, this is the final week of secret Santa. Please make sure you bring in your final gift of &15-$20 by this Friday. If you are going out of town make sure to bring it in before that. Also don’t forget to reveal who you are :). We had 85 people participate in this, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did:) Merry Christmas!!!

  3. 900 class

    Kevin 25:55(10#) 13:04
    Paul 18:55(20#) 11:15
    Joe B. 25:12 (20#,HK)
    Margie 21:17 (10#)
    Stephani 22:56 (10#,HK) 15:08
    Monica 22:40 (5#,HK) 15:16
    Brett 21:50rx 9:56 rk row
    Luis 19:38 (20#,HK)
    Casey 27:00 (10#ball) 14:51
    Gaby 24:35 rx 13:26
    Susan 24:30 (5#,HK) 17:30

  4. 1000 class

    Nick P. 18:50 (20#) 11:04
    Kelly 16:48 (PS,GHD) 8:51 2k row
    Logan 10:55(10#,HK) 11:08
    Adrian 20:28 (10#) 800m sled pull
    Cathy 16:41rx 800m sled pull
    Rob 16:07 rx 2k row
    Christine 17:18rx 11:56

  5. Josh 14:52rx, 11:10rx
    Cecy 20:07rx
    Kristen 15:56rx, 13:59rx
    Nirav 20:42 20#, 11:20rx
    Jamie 17:45 high knee, 20:06rx
    Jon M. 25:00 ball, 12:42rx
    Nesto 19:53 20#
    Richard 39:44rx
    Mike 39:55 20#, rowed 2k
    Robin 24:19 high knee